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ME Researchers Receive Distinguished Paper Awards

Starting with the 31st International Symposium on Combustion which was held this past August in Heidelberg, Germany, the Combustion Institute will be presenting a Distinguished Paper Award to the paper in each of the twelve colloquia which is judged to be most distinguished in quality, achievement and significance. The Program Co-Chairs of the Symposium and the President of the Institute select the papers to receive the awards based on recommendations from the Colloquium Co-Chairs.

The following two papers, authored or co-authored by ME researchers, are among the award winning papers in the first competition:

* Colloquium on IC Engines and Gas Turbines Combustion: ME PhD Candidate Claudio Fajardo and her advisor, Professor Volker Sick, "Flow Field Assessment in Fired Spray-Guided Spark-Ignition Direct-Injection Engine Based on UV Particle Image Velocimetry and with Sub Crank Angle Resolution."
* Colloquium on Fire Research: Howard Baum (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and ME Professor Arvind Atreya, "A Model of Transport of Fuel Gases in a Charring Solid and its Application to Opposed-Flow Flame Spread."

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