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Thouless Elected to ASME Fellow

thouless,Professor Michael Thouless

Professor Michael Thouless has been elected to the ASME Fellow Grade.

Thouless is internationally recognized for his contributions to the understanding of crack growth in brittle materials, cracking and delamination of interfaces and of adhesively bonded joints. His work is known for its combination of insightful experiments, modeling and analysis and has application to the engineering of composites, thin films and coatings and adhesive joints. Indeed, there are over 1,500 citations to his published work.

Thouless has been dedicated to the continued improvement of the education of mechanical engineers. He served as Undergraduate Program Advisor and has been very involved in curriculum development and improvement. He is a co-developer of the new undergraduate laboratory sequence that integrates teamwork and technical communication and also the new undergraduate mechanical engineering course in materials. He has also developed new graduate courses in the mechanics of thin films and on materials selection.

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