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Mazumder Receives Adams Memorial Membership Award

The American Welding Society has selected Professor Jyoti Mazumder as the recipient of this year's Adams Memorial Membership Award. This award is given as a means of recognizing educators whose teaching activities are considered to have advanced the knowledge of welding of the undergraduate or postgraduate students in their respective engineering institutions.

Founding director of the U-M Center for Lasers and Plasmas for Advanced Manufacturing, Mazumder holds the Robert H. Lurie Professorship in Engineering. He also was the recipient of ASME's 2006 William T. Ennor Manufacturing Technology Award, and he won the Arthur Schawlow Award from Laser Institute of America in 2003. He is also a fellow of the Laser Institute of America and the American Society of Metals.

A professor of both mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering, Mazumder is credited with the commercialization of laser-aided manufacturing. He is known as a visionary and has built of one of the world's most prominent university groups in laser materials processing.

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