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Controls Seminar to Feature Galip Ulsoy

ME Professor Galip Ulsoy, who is currently serving as Director, Division of Civil and Mechanical Systems, National Science Foundation, will give a presentation on "Optimal Design of Plant and Controller" on Friday, September 5, 3:30 p.m., in 1500 EECS.

Abstract: Traditionally a plant is first designed, and then its controller. This sequential design approach, although not system-optimal, can often give good results. We consider the optimal design problems for sequential design of a plant and then its controller, as well as the simultaneous optimization of the plant-controller system. By comparing the resulting optimality conditions for a linear-quadratic optimal design problem, we can identify a "coupling term" that quantifies the difference between the sequential and simultaneous design approaches. Thus, when the coupling term is small, the sequential design of the plant then the controller can be expected to give good results. We consider the cases with full state feedback as well as with state estimation. Design of a passive-active automotive suspension is used as an example problem to illustrate the results.

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