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Assanis & Co-Authors Receive Best Paper Award

ME Chair and Professor Dennis Assanis, along with co-authors Guntram Lechner, Alexander Knafl, Spyros I. Tseregounis, Michael L. McMillan, Adjunct Lecturer Simon C. Tung, Patricia A. Mulawa, Ewa Bardasz, and Susan Cowling, have been chosen to receive the 2002 SAE Award for Research on Automotive Lubricants.

Guntram Lechner and Alexander Knafl are U-M graduate research assistants. Spyros I. Tseregounis, Michael L. McMillan, Simon C. Tung, and Patricia A. Mulawa are with GM R&D and Planning, Chemical and Environmental Sciences Laboratory, Warren, Michigan. Ewa Bardasz and Susan Cowling are with the Lubrizol Corporation, Wickliffe, Ohio.

The annual award recognizes the authors of the best paper presented at a Society of Automotive Engineers International meeting, relating to the adaptation of lubricants and lubricated automotive systems or components. This year's awardees presented the technical paper entitled, "Engine Oil Effects on the Friction and Emissions of a Light-Duty, 2.2L Direct - Injection - Diesel Engine Part 1 - Engine Test Results" (2002-01-2681), which was completed under the umbrella of the General Motors Collaborative Research Laboratory (GMCRL).

The award will be presented during the 2003 SAE Powertrain & Fluid Systems Conference, scheduled for October 27-30 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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