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Welcome to New M.E. Faculty Member: Dr. Bogdan Epureanu

Dr. Bogdan Epureanu received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University, North Carolina, in 1999 and shortly after, he took up a teaching position and moved to Canada. He is coming from McGill University in Montreal where his research interests focused mainly on nonlinear dynamics and nonlinear mechanical phenomena, including fluid-structure interaction (aeroelasticity, unsteady aerodynamics), manufacturing and robotics. Dr. Epureanu works in the exciting field of nonlinear and chaotic dynamics and is especially interested in reduced order modeling and control schemes for nonlinear systems, such as aeroelastic, manufacturing, robotics and other complex systems. In particular, Dr. Epureanu develops chaos suppression methodologies and system identification techniques for fluid-structural systems which exhibit spatio-temporal chaos. Together with Professor Earl H. Dowell (Duke) and Professor Felipe Montoya (Valladolid, Spain), Dr. Epureanu received in London, in May 1998 the A. M. Strickland Prize awarded by the Division of Manufacturing Industries of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers for the best paper published in the Proceedings of IMechE as a significant contribution to the field of manufacturing. He is also the winner of the 1998 Eaton Mechanism Design Contest, recipient of the 2001 Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award and the 2001 Best Paper Finalist Award presented by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Over the past years, Dr. Epureanu taught several courses, including Dynamics, Linear Feedback Control Systems, Mechanical Vibrations (lab), Computer Methods in Engineering (lab), and Robot Calibration.

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