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Arpaci Receives Max Jacob Award

Professor Vedat Arpaci has received the 2000 Max Jacob Award, which is bestowed in recognition of eminent achievement in the area of heat transfer by the ASME's Heat Transfer Division in conjunction with the AIChE.

Professor Arpaci has made important discoveries on

* the optical dependence of radiating gas instability,

* two radiating gas constitutions,

* the photon-vibration interaction in radiating plasma kinetics,

* the splitting of heat flux in terms of entropy flux which leads to new concepts such as thermal displacement and deformation,

* the microscales of complex turbulent flows,

* the discovery of the microscale foundations of what are usually assumed to be empircial heat and mass transfer correlations, and

* the discovery of dimensionless number for natural convection involving a combination of both Rayleigh and Prandtl numbers.

He has also been active in teaching and developing courses at all levels.

The Max Jacob Award was established in 1961 in honor of Max Jakob, a pioneer in the science of heat transmission, commemorating his outstanding contributions as a research worker, educator, and author.

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