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"Simply ME"

The name of the Department, effective 07/01/00, has officially been changed from Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM) to simply Mechanical Engineering (ME). Changes are now gradually being made in our Departmental stationery, Web pages, etc. This name change was approved by a vote (77% to 23%) of the faculty in the Department, and by the Regents in their May meeting. Last year the Applied Mechanics (AM) degree program in MEAM, after careful review, was phased out due to low and declining student enrollments. The Department now only offers degrees (BSE, MSE, and PhD) in Mechanical Engineering, and the name change is intended to reflect that fact. Furthermore, over the past 40-50 years AM has transformed ME into a more science-based discipline, and the classical distinction between ME and AM is no longer as relevant to the future of the field. The name change was also a key recommendation of the External Review Committee that reviewed the Department in 1998, and was also supported by the Department's External Advisory Board (EAB).

- A. Galip Ulsoy

William Clay Ford Professor of Manufacturing and

Department Chair, Mechanical Engineering

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