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Violi's Article Featured in Journal


Using molecular dynamics simulations, nucleation rates of homomolecular systems of C60, C80, C180, and C240 fullerenes as function of temperature and molecular mass are analyzed

Angela Violi

An article by ME Associate Professor Angela Violi has been selected as a Research Highlight in The Journal of Chemical Physics. Violi's article, titled "Nucleation of fullerenes as a model for examining the formation of soot," was published online on May 5.  ME Ph.D. student Seung Hyun Chung co-authored the article. Due to the complexity of thenanoparticles that constitute the formation of soot, Violi proposes the analysis of fullerenes, which have characteristics closely resembling the particles found in soot, as a way to gain further insight into the formation of soot nuclei. Her article discusses the results of this analysis.

In addition to her work in the ME department, Violi also serves as an associate professor in the Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering departments. Her research interests include mulitiscale simulations of complex systems, nanoparticle growth and self-assembly, nanoparticle interacting with biomolecular systems, applied chemical kinetics, aerosols, and chemical and physical properties of fuels, alternative fuels, and lubricants.

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