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ME Departmental Fall Seminar Series Begins

Each seminar will take place from 4:00 - 5:00 pm in 1504 GG Brown on the following days:

Date Speaker Institution Seminar Title
9/20/2011 Markus Buehler Massachusetts Institute Technology 

From Atoms to Structures:How Spiders Turn Weakness into Strenghth

10/04/2011 Curtis Taylor University of Florida

Nanomanufacturing for Energy Efficient Products and Industrial Productivity

10/11/2011   Karim Sabra Georgia Tech

Using Ambient Noise for Passive Sensing and Imaging

10/25/2011 Prashant Purohit University of Pennsylvania Brownian motion and elasticity in biological filaments and networks
11/01/2011 Peter Friedman Ford Motor Company Implementation of Lightweight Materials in Automotive Applications 
11/08/2011 Charles Brooks University of Michigan Multi-scale Studies of Viral Capsid Dynamics and Mechanics
*11/10/2011 Steve Elliot University of Southampton Feedback Control of Vibration in Aircraft and in the Cochlea
11/29/2011 Charles Doering University of Michigan Optimal Stirring for Passive Scalar Mixing
12/06/2011 Li Shi University of Texas - Austin Thermal Transport and Thermoelectric Conversion in Nanostructured and Complex Materials
12/13/2011 Alison Marsden University of California - San Diego Optimization and Multiscale Modeling for Single Ventricle Heart Patients
* This is on Thursday and is a joint seminar with the Aero Department

For abstracts and more information, visit the ME Seminar Page.

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