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Nine ME students receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

(Left to right) Top: Alison Hake , Michelle Harr, Lixi Liu, Miriam Figueroa-Santos, Kimberly Ingraham.
Bottom: Ilya Kovalenko, Andrew Stephens, Sarah Verner, Carlos Barajas

Eight ME graduate students and one ME undergraduate student have received NSF Graduate Research Fellowships (GRF) this year. With a total of nine NSF GRF awardees, the U-M ME Department yielded the highest number of 2016 recipients among ME departments nationwide. The recipients are:

In addition, eight admitted ME PhD students have received Rackham Merit Fellowships; among those who have matriculated are:

  • Mitchell Bieniek
  • Mario Medina
  • Andrew Di Mauro
  • Lucca Henrion

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