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Six ME students receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Daniel Bruder Andrew Davis Kevin Green Ryan Rosario Adrian Sanchez Greg Shallcross
Left to right: Daniel Bruder, Andrew Davis, Kevin Green, Ryan Rosario, Adrian Sanchez, Greg Shallcross

Five ME graduate students and one ME undergraduate student have received NSF Graduate Research Fellowships (GRF) this year. With a total of six NSF GRF awardees, the U-M ME Department yielded the second highest number of 2017 recipients among ME departments nationwide. The recipients are:

  • Daniel Bruder (ME PhD)
  • Andrew Davis (ME PhD)
  • Kevin Green (ME BS)
  • Ryan Rosario (ME MSE)
  • Adrian Sanchez (ME PhD)
  • Greg Shallcross (ME PhD)

In addition, two ME PhD students who have matriculated have received external NSF Fellowships:

  • Megan Hathcock (U. Alabama)
  • Agnes Resto (UPRM)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Tae Hwan Lim (ME MSE)
  • Suzanne Ling Chou (ME PHD)

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